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Implementing systems and technologies to prevent elephant poaching in Africa can be complicated. Working with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to apply aspects of our ground-breaking poaching disruption program tenBoma requires that specialized operations and intelligence experts work closely with the KWS professionals who will ultimately take on the responsibility of maintaining the program over the long term.

It is an extensive process that involves thousands, if not tens of thousands of hours training, equipping and mentoring, but it has already begun showing actionable results.

Currently we have a small team of experts embedded in the KWS ranks—one working closely with the Intel Team based at HQ in Nairobi and others working in the field with Rangers based in Tsavo East National Park. Each day, our two camps are cooperating to ensure that the people and systems that input the data and the analytical technology work together seamlessly.

It can be difficult to understand how this all comes together to save elephants.

With that in mind we have produced this short video to help audiences comprehend how the process comes together in order to prevent and combat wildlife crime. (This, of course, is a simulation; this footage is not of elephants actually being shot and killed, but we felt it necessary to drive home the harsh reality of the situation.)

Please stay tuned as we continue to report on the milestones tenBoma achieves.



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