Buddy, a Northern Dog, is breaking the internet.

Two years ago, he was given up by his owners up in the northern communities of Canada. They didn’t know what to do with his rambunctious energy. He would tear around the community, around their house, and was always getting into trouble. They had had enough.

The video above was recently featured on the network morning show Good Morning America in the US.

It’s funny though — it’s not that Buddy was too energetic. It’s that his owners just didn’t understand what his needs were. And if you don’t meet your dog’s needs, they aren’t going to meet your needs.

Buddy was re-homed with the amazing, compassionate, and ingenious Rennie and John in Toronto. They figured out pretty quickly that Buddy just needed to expend some of that energy — and found a smart way to do it.

Now Buddy wiles away the hours with his very own ball chucker. In a video that has been viewed more than 50 million times, he is doing his happy dance as he drops the ball in the chucker.

Then ZOOM, off he goes, chasing down the ball only to return for another round. And another, and another…

Buddy is one lucky dog. And the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Northern Dogs program is proud to have helped him find his forever home.

We continue to work with northern communities to enhance awareness of all the needs that dogs have, whether it’s social, emotional, exercise, or veterinary.

Special thanks to TEAM Animal Rescue, a group of fantastic people who united Buddy with Rennie and John.


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Article source: IFAW

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