Lebanon rescue

Life in Lebanon isn’t exactly easy at the moment.

Inflicted with a political crisis, an economic crisis and a trash crisis, there are many important issues for its residents to work on.

Thankfully, there is a strong, active network of animal welfare advocates who are engaging community leaders and members to think about animals in a new way.

Animals Lebanon has taken animal welfare in Lebanon to the next level by addressing animal issues through legislation.  While this is their focus, they continue to support rescued animals in need by helping with veterinary care and foster home placement until these animals are ready to find new homes. 

IFAW joined Animals Lebanon to help provide veterinary care to newly rescued pets and those in foster homes or at their small cat shelter. 

Nine dogs had been looking for homes. Since large breed dogs are especially difficult to find placement for in Lebanon, our team worked with Sweet Paws rescue based in Massachusetts to find placement for the dogs in the US. 

And while our team worked at the veterinary clinic, they met four special needs kittens who were also looking for a home.  Because 3-legged and blind cats are also a challenge to find homes for, we decided we couldn’t leave them behind.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow of these 14 cats and dogs who are now in the US and will soon be in their forever homes. Stay tuned for more stories on these companion animals as they make the transition in the weeks to come.


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Article source: IFAW

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