In a candid and heartbreaking account of his experiences as a fisher, Dan Maio of Melbourne took to Facebook to describe the guilt he now feels for participating in the cruel activity.

In the post, which was shared by prominent Australian animal rights activist James Aspey, Maio describes the reality behind catch-and-release fishing, and what it really means for fish.

“I used to trick animals onto sharpened hooks”, he begins, going on to explain that the mouth, face, and even eyes of fish were cut.

“I didn’t do it to eat”, he recalls, “Like millions of others, I did it for ‘fun’”.

Many people believe that catch-and-release fishing – in which fish are thrown back into the water after being hooked and dragged out – is somehow “humane”. Maio used to be one of them. “I guess that made us all feel better”, he says.

Now vegan, he’s also a successful drummer in the Melbourne-based band The Getaway Plan and uses his prominence to speak out for animals.

Speaking of the fish he is pictured holding, he says, “It breaks my heart that I used to be involved. This beautiful animal flicked a switch for me”.

Want to join Maio in leaving fish off your plate? Find out more here, and order a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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