What is the true price of leather?

A PETA US video exposé featuring investigative footage from the non-governmental organisation Repórter Brasil of several cattle ranches in Brazil supplying JBS SA – the largest leather processor in the world – reveals that gentle cows and bulls were branded on the face, electroshocked, and beaten before finally being slaughtered to be made into the leather interiors offered by the world’s largest car companies.

It takes about three cows’ hides to cover the interior of a standard car. Here’s a look at what you could be supporting if you buy a Holden, Ford, Toyota, or Volkswagen car, among others, with seats, steering wheels, and gearshifts covered with leather.

Calves Torn Away From Their Mothers

The life of a cow in Brazil is short and painful. The eyewitness found that workers dragged calves away from their mothers and forced them to the ground by twisting their necks. One calf was yanked up by her ears and tail to make her move. It is also standard procedure for workers to punch holes in their ears without the use of painkillers.

Faces Branded With Hot Irons

To show ownership of the calves, workers on cattle ranches that supply to JBS used hot irons to brand them on the face – without any pain relief and counter to the minimum animal-welfare recommendations by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture. Older cattle were also forced into chutes, where they panicked and kicked as workers branded them on the back.

hot ironshot irons A Worker pins down a cowA Worker pins down a cow Calves being branded with no pain reliefCalves being branded with no pain relief Calf panicked calfpanicked calf Workers trap a cowWorkers trap a cow« Previous Next »hot ironshot ironsA Worker pins down a cowA Worker pins down a cowCalves being branded with no pain reliefCalves being branded with no pain reliefCalfpanicked calfpanicked calfWorkers trap a cowWorkers trap a cow

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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