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The youngest elephant calves at the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) in India are happily mingling with the older calves.

The youngest duo, Buree and Murphuli, made headlines in the Daily Mail back in March because of the creative work of WRC veterinarian Dr. Panjit Basumantary, who fitted them with pajamas and socks for better sleeping at night. (Small elephants have a hard time regulating their own body temperature.)

They were introduced in July this year to the little family of elephant calves undergoing rehabilitation.

Buree is the youngest of the lot, and like all babies she loves the formula feeds. Buree is closely guarded at all times by the older calves Dhemaji and Karbi who act like her mothers, a warmth she reciprocates by obeying her seniors and taking cover behind them at the smallest perception of a threat.

Murphuli, a little older than Buree, joins the older calves to forage between her scheduled milk formula feeds but hankers for her bottle of milk to top off her forage feed. And like all babies do, she takes a nap once this is done!

She prefers the company of the older calves over the youngest one and our vigilant keepers have occasionally caught her trying to boss over Buree during formula feed times.

The elephant calves passed the monsoon phase together in the third stockade attached to Panbari Reserve Forest near Kaziranga National Park. The rescued elephant calves are staying together as a small family of eight, forming a herd in the fenced area. Their regular walks to the adjoining Panbari Reserve forest for habitat exposure with an animal keeper enable them develop important life skills.

The dedicated team of veterinarians and animal keepers at the centre continue to work around the clock to ensure that rescued animals are rehabilitated to live a life that will keep them forever wild.

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Article source: IFAW

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