The faces of the many animals we’ve saved in 2016.Reading this blog, you get to know a lot of animals IFAW has rescued or helped by name. Here is a list of some who have graced this blog over the past year.

Vaalie: Providing care again for a dog CLAW treated 9 years ago

Cutie: Cutie endures illness, injury before finding forever home

Washburn: Rescued manatee released back to native Florida waters

Muchi and Nkala: Elephant orphans moved to secured boma for reintegration into wild

Kakaro and Kasewe: Two new calves admitted to GRI-Elephant Orphanage Project

Zolushka: Rehabilitated Amur tiger Zolushka has shed her tracking collar

Borya and Svetlaya: Anticipated pairing of rehabbed Amur tigers

Fillipa: RUSSIA UPDATE: Amur Tiger Filippa shows her stripes

Molly: Northern dog puppy Molly beats the odds

Purabi and Dwimalu: Two rehabilitated rhinos released to wild in Manas

Kiki: Kiki, rescued mother to 10 puppies, has been adopted

Lupita: Hungry, abandoned Lupita recovers, is adopted

Spirit: Bali dog Spirit fully recovered, awaiting adoption

Frank Sealnatra: Rescued harp seal released off Cape Cod

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Article source: IFAW

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