Our video team has been fortunate enough to chronicle so many of our successes over the years. Here is a rundown of our year’s projects in videos and trailers.

Manatee Rescue

A pregnant manatee that traveled thousands of miles off course to an unfamiliar habitat was rescued just in the nick of time. A week too late and the waters would have gotten too cold and the manatee could have died. She was rescued off Cape Cod, driven to Connecticut where she rehabbed for a time, then flown to Florida, where she was released back to the wild and will eventually give birth.

Seal Disentanglement Using Remote Sedation

While seal disentanglements are common with our MMRR team, this special disentanglement marked the first time on the East Coast that a seal was rescued and disentangled using remote sedation. This innovative technique involved experts from The Marine Mammal Center and incorporated darting the entangled seal to allow it to be captured, examined by a veterinarian, disentangled, medically treated, and released. In order to track the seal, we incorporate a small acoustic transmitter in the dart to allow responders to track the seal while waiting for the sedative drugs to take effect. The success of this acoustic tracking dart will have a significant impact on future rescue operations. 

Youth Forum for People Wildlife

IFAW launched its first-ever Youth Forum for People and Wildlife, a first-of-its-kind online community for young people to learn, share and connect with people around the world as they explore animal welfare and conservation issues. In correlation with CITES CoP17, 34 young delegates from around the world representing the Youth Forum were sent to Johannesburg to showcase their ideas and perspectives, and bring their energy and enthusiasm to discussions about animal welfare and conservation. The event culminated with the Youth Forum delegates presenting a formal declaration at CITES, marking the first tome CITES contained a youth component. Because of the success of the Youth Forum, the theme of 2017 World Wildlife Day has to do with the youth. 


IFAW and KWS joined forces on an innovative, first-of-its-kind project to developed a counter-wildlife crime intelligence fusion center that can join community anti-poaching tips and efforts with high-tech data analysis and enhanced national security operations to stop elephant and rhino poachers before they strike. IFAW is applying this approach of disrupting poaching networks in projects beyond the parks with INTERPOL and Nairobi Airport. The groundbreaking idea gained traction throughout the year with the American Geographical Society, US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation joining IFAW to promote tenBoma at a standing room-only Congressional Forum in March. 

Kenya Ivory Burn

Why?…Monumental moment being the largest ivory burn ever in Kenya, where Kenyan authorities torched 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horn  – the largest single quantity of ivory to be destroyed anywhere in the world.

Coco’s New Clinic

A dream come true for animal lovers and pet owners in Playa del Carmen with the construction and grand opening of the new clinic for Cocos’ Animal Welfare. The state-of-the-art, first-of-its-kind clinic in Playa serves as a model for other organizations and projects promoting animal welfare. It will provide the resources needed to efficiently treat and care for thousands of cats and dogs every year. 

Sonic Sea Documentary

This compelling documentary that premiered on the Discovery Channel  exposes an alarming and growing threat facing cetaceans and marine conservation that many people are unaware about. IFAW has shared the documentary specifically with US Congress and in fora around the world.

Amboseli Elephant Collaring

IFAW, in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, collared two elephants to augment information about the use and range of the elephants in this rapidly changing landscape. IFAW CEO Azzedine Downes was in Kenya for one of the collarings. The data will continue to be shared with policy and development decision makers with the aim of ensuring that the connectivity of Amboseli National Park’s entire ecosystem is maintained.

Huntwatch Documentary

the documentary makes it television premiere in September 2016 on Discovery, exposing to a larger audience an animal welfare issue many people that was over that still persists today – the cruel Canadian commercial seal hunt. Huntwatch follows on the heels of other documentaries like Racing Extinction and Sonic Sea to be aired on Discovery, continuing a groundbreaking trend for the network to expose its audience to serious issues facing animal welfare. 


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