The CLAW team at the rescue site of feral puppies found near a dumpsite in South Africa.Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) is no stranger to unusual rescues. Including the recent multiphase rescue of feral puppies found living near the Randfontein dumpsite near CLAW’s office in Roodepoort, Gauteng, South Africa.

The discovery of the first feral puppy was made by two off road motorbike riders who managed to capture the small black puppy and call CLAW for assistance. When the bikers found her, the puppy was located near a rock formation close the dump site, and they feared she would not survive the dump’s harsh conditions. Cora Bailey (Founder of CLAW) hurried to meet the two bikers and check on the condition of the young pup. Cora then brought the young female back to CLAW and then CLAW Director Taren Welthagen took her home to be fostered.

This was not the last CLAW would hear of feral puppies at this location. Not long after, another call came in about two more feral puppies. The pups were tucked away inside a rock shelter and assistance was needed to get them out. CLAW assembled a rescue team, equipment and various safe traps to rescue the puppies IFAW’s Doerte von der Reith, Communications Officer for IFAW Germany, was visiting CLAW at the time and was able to join the rescue team. Meeting at a nearby petrol station, the team travelled to the rescue site. After plotting the best route for the rescue, it was discovered the vehicles would have to be parked at a certain point and the team would have to hike the rest of the way.

The rock shelter was nestled under a low hanging tree which provided adequate shade from the harsh African sun. The team set up, blocked any escape routes the puppies might try and began to carefully extract the puppies. The team used gentle gripping tools and passed over each puppy to the nearest set of hands. Scared and weary, the puppies nipped at exposed fingers, but soon calmed down once they realised that they were not going to be harmed.

A CLAW team member carefully holds a newly rescued puppy. The puppies were rescued near a dumpsite in South Africa.

The pups are doing well in the care of FORA, an animal welfare organisation that work closely with CLAW. All puppies are doing well and gaining weight.  The two youngsters are currently up for adoption and adapting to life outside the dump.

Plans are in place to try capture the mother. CLAW left food for at the dumpsite and an investigation of the site showed the feral family had been living on what scraps they could find in the dump.


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Article source: IFAW

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