Every April, the ice floes off Canada’s east coast run red with blood as the annual slaughter of harp seal pups takes place.  Ending the atrocity of Canada’s commercial seal hunt is IFAW’s founding campaign, and our history, victories, and challenges are captured in HUNTWATCH THE FILM, which we are pleased  to announce is now available for download.

You see, the fur industry and Government of Canada would like you to believe that Canada’s East coast seal hunt is a humane, well regulated, traditional activity conducted by Inuit for their survival. HUNTWATCH THE FILM, a documentary composed with over four decades of footage (some of it never-before seen) shows that nothing could be further from the truth.

From the early days as a one man army in New Brunswick, to the years of violent attacks on the ice floes in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, to the corridors of the European Parliament, HUNTWATCH takes a look at IFAW’s campaign to end the brutal slaughter of seals on Canada’s East coast.

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 Some scenes are difficult to watch. My heart still races watching the altercations with sealers on the ice, remembering the threats and the confrontations we faced year after year. Our team was so focused on getting the necessary footage – so vital to showing the world what was really happening in Canada – that we rarely thought beyond our immediate safety on the ice. But once removed from the slaughter, the sights, smells, and sounds became overwhelming. 

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But other scenes provide a welcome relief, particularly the humourous anecdotes from the early days of IFAW’s campaign as told by our founder, Brian Davies.

To all those who accuse IFAW of “misinforming” about the seal hunt – I challenge you to watch this film. See for yourself how the East Coast seal hunt compares to the seal hunting conducted by Inuit in films such as Angry Inuk

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And for all of you who have supported IFAW in our campaign to end this atrocity, I invite you to take a moment to view HUNTWATCH and appreciate how far we’ve come, the adversities we’ve overcome, and the victories we have achieved together for the seals.


Huntwatch can be viewed in the USA here and in Canada here.

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