Vladik, an Amur tiger rehabilitated at PRNCO Tiger Center, was released recently into the wild in Bikin National Park’s Primorsky Krai region. According to the winter survey there are no resident male tigers in the area, and Vladik can claim the territory.

Vladik had been at IFAW-supported PRNCO Tiger Center since October 20, 2016, after he was found walking in Vladivostok, the capital of the Primorsky Krai.

He is approximately 3-3.5 years old, and his weight is about 125 kilograms.

During his stay at the rehabilitation center, Vladik maintained his fear of humans, which is one of the main criteria for assessing the possibility for releasing an adult tiger back into the wild.

A week after Filippa was released,  staff of the Directorate of wildlife conservation and protected natural territories of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast confirmed a successful hunt of a young Asian black bear. She did not have any experience hunting other predators in the Tiger Center enclosure.

This is very valuable information confirming high adaptability of young animals who have undergone rehabilitation.

The release was performed by the Department for conservation, control and management of wildlife of the Primorsky Krai with support of the Autonomous non-commercial organization “Amur Tiger Center”and WWF Russia. The feeding of Vladik was provided by Autonomous Non-commercial Organization “Amur Tiger Center. 


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Article source: IFAW

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