We are excited to announce our very own “Animojis” – a collection of emoji stickers focused on wildlife conservation around the world along with our mobile messaging partners at Bare Tree Media.

IFAW Animojis provide a fun and engaging way to share animal messages with your friends and social networks – whether speaking out about harmful ocean noise, urging your peers to help protect elephants from ivory trade or other pressing animal welfare and conservation concerns close to your heart.

Our first emoji release highlights key issues decimating some of the iconic species IFAW works to save including:

  • an African elephant with a padlock on its tusks to block the unrelenting ivory trade
  • a whale wearing headphones to protect it from the harmful impacts of ocean noise
  • a pangolin holding a shield as its only defense to keep its scales
  • a rhino with a camouflaged horn to hide from poachers
  • a baby harp seal rescued on a raft as climate change melts the ice it depends on
  • a giraffe trying to hide behind the trees to safeguard its body parts from tradeIFAW Animoji sticker pack

IFAW Animojis are free and can be downloaded on the Apple iTunes and iMessage app stores as well as via the emojiTap app and Google Play. Download them today and have fun sharing with your friends and family. Keep an eye out for future packs with a more in-depth focus on individual campaigns including marine conservation, elephant protection and wildlife rescue.



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Article source: IFAW

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