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In the wake of Hurricane Maria many are looking for ways that they can help the people and animals affected. Here’s how you can help during this urgent time:

What you can do:

What not to do:

  • Your safety and that of your family and pets comes first. Do not put yourself in danger. If you see a person or animal in distress, call emergency services.
  • Please do not attempt to drive donation items into areas impacted by Hurricane Maria, as many roads could be flooded and dangerous.
  • It is also essential not to detract time or resources from emergency responders. Unless you are a trained professional who has already received official orders, do not “self deploy” to areas impacted by the hurricane. Do not call emergency services unless you are experiencing or witnessing a life-threatening emergency firsthand. For information and updates, tune in to your local radio station or news broadcast.
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Article source: HSUS

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