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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the nation’s largest animal advocacy organization, is seeking a Senior Animal Caregiver, Wildlife for the Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison, TX. The main responsibilities of this position is to evaluate the behavioral status and temperament of the animals and ensures that proper care is given; communicate with veterinary staff regarding medical needs; trains and oversees the work of members in the department and maintains order and cleanliness in enclosures and related areas.

This position will be responsible for

  • Overseeing the animal care intern program to ensure that interns are properly on boarded, trained, and mentored throughout their internship;
  • Ensuring that all animals receive what they need for their physical and psychological well-being;
  • Evaluating animals daily to identify possible illness, injury or behavioral issues;
  • Overseeing the chemical capture team to ensure that staff are trained and prepared for emergencies;
  • Monitoring chemical capture equipment and making recommendations for purchases;
  • Overseeing animal care work as well as staff, interns and volunteers to ensure that proper protocols of animal care are followed;
  • Developing, creating, and implementing protocols and procedures for department;
  • Training, mentoring, and developing staff, interns, and volunteers in departmental procedures;
  • Interacting with the public during animal intakes, donation drop-offs, tours, interviews, and fundraisers;
  • Overseeing the health and well-being of all animals in assigned department;
  • Inspecting enclosures/pastures etc. to ensure proper care, cleanliness, maintenance and safety of animals, their habitats and our facilities;
  • Being aware of the changing needs of animals in different temperatures and overseeing seasonal changes and needs;
  • Maintaining and reviewing necessary records or logs relating to animal safety, human safety, enclosure integrity, and damages and ensures they meet/exceed all required federal/state/local regulations;
  • Researching proper nutrition requirements for animals in assigned department;
  • Ensuring staff is trained and assisting in preparation and distribution of feed for animals;
  • Observing animals for signs of illness or injury; administering medications or treatments;
  • Performing or providing direction for all scheduled chemical and/or physical capture and movements;
  • Serving on the chemical immobilization team as needed and performing animal care shifts as needed;
  • Repairing and renovating existing animal pens and other sanctuary facilities as well as assisting in the construction and design of new pens/facilities;
  • Maintaining documentation on vehicles and equipment’s and ensuring that all are properly used and maintained;
  • Developing and maintaining the staff schedule, holding weekly meetings and maintaining a weekly agenda summary report;
  • Ordering and monitoring supplies;
  • Performing landscaping/grounds keeping duties, cleaning kitchen, common areas, storage areas, pens, cages, and washing and storing laundry.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • High School diploma or equivalent required, Bachelor’s degree preferred;
  • Minimum five years progressive experience in animal husbandry and/or degrees in wildlife management or primatology;
  • Must have advanced knowledge of animal husbandry;
  • Must know basic principles of operant conditioning in a positive reinforcement and protected contact system;
  • Must be able to move/lift 50 pounds;
  • Must remain current in CPR and first-aid certification;
  • Must have (or be able to obtain) valid driver’s license and provide proof of personal automobile insurance;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to build and maintain relationships with all types of people;
  • Must have or obtain and maintain an up-to-date rabies prophylaxis and titer;
  • Must be able to use a computer and knowledge of Microsoft Word/Excel;
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and ability to handle complex situations with sound judgment and problem solving skills;
  • Demonstrated to be proactive and self-motivated;
  • Must be able to endure occasional long workdays (up to 12 hours) and maintain focus, accuracy and physical activities required by job;
  • Work requires continual attention to detail. Must be able to work in a fast-paced environment with demonstrated ability to juggle multiple competing tasks and demands.

Please submit a cover letter and resume using this form or fax to 301-548-7701. This position is based in Murchison, TX.

Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identify, disability, marital or parental status, or protected veteran status.


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Article source: HSUS

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