After unthinkable cruelty was exposed on its ships, Australia’s biggest sheep exporter Emanuel Exports has had its licence suspended, banning it from sending animals overseas for slaughter.

Last month, the Agriculture Department sent a show-cause notice to the company, following footage showing sheep crammed together on filthy, hot vessels, struggling to breathe and covered in their own excrement.

This suspension is great news for animals suffering at the hands of this industry and hopefully, will be a step towards shutting down the live animal export trade for good.

More than 200 million animals have been crammed onto filthy cargo ships over the last 30 years. Every single one was an individual who felt fear and pain. The industry has proved repeatedly that transporting millions of animals thousands of kilometres across the sea through all weather extremes is ethically untenable.

“This is evidence of that,” said RSPCA Australia Senior Policy Officer Dr Jed Goodfellow.

“Make no mistake, Emanuel’s is not the exception. What we saw in the 60 Minutes footage included routine conditions across multiple voyages. This is what long-haul live sheep export looks like, and it must not continue,” he said.

It’s impossible to simply forget what we saw on these ships in April and it’s encouraging to see that politicians have not forgotten about it either. Keeping this heartbreaking issue front of mind is critical. If you haven’t already, please write to your local MP and urge them to support upcoming legislation to ban live exports and ask your family and friends to do the same.


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Article source: PETA Files

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