A short video in which a goose screams in pain as his or her feathers are ripped out by the fistful: That’s all it took to persuade actor, model, and activist Mena Suvari to ditch down forever.

A committed vegan who buys only cruelty-free cosmetics, Mena had never seen the suffering behind every pillow, comforter, and jacket stuffed with down feathers. The second that she did, she immediately trashed every down-filled item in her home and began searching for compassionate alternatives.

She was clearly still shaken up by the cruelty that she had seen when she sat down with PETA to discuss her decision to stop buying down. In the video below, she encourages everyone to inform themselves about the suffering of birds used for down. Watch her powerful testimonial now:

Mena also posed for a stunning new print ad urging people to spare birds a terrifying life—and death—by refusing to buy anything made with down.

Full size PSA Mena Suvari down free

Full size PSA Mena Suvari down free Full size PSA Mena Suvari down free

Sleeping on and under soft, warm down alternatives is a bed of roses for this American beauty.

From bedding to outerwear, down alternatives are easy to find. If you, like Mena, don’t want to support the cruelty of the down industry, check out these great down-free coats for men and women. Then, share her story with your friends, family, and social media followers. Let them know that going down-free is as easy as (American) pie.

Urge Bed Bath Beyond to Go Down-Free

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Article source: PETA Files

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