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Tell IHOP to move away from cruel battery cages!


Major restaurant chains are already beginning to switch their eggs to cage-free. But IHOP is refusing to take this modest step, instead exclusively using eggs from hens cruelly confined in barren battery cages so small they can barely move their entire lives. We need your help to move IHOP in the right direction.

And now, an undercover investigation has revealed shocking abuses at IHOP’s egg supplier. As you can see, the footage reveals filthy conditions, sick and injured hens, and birds forced to live in cages with the decomposing corpses of other birds.

Tell IHOP to follow its competitors’ lead and start switching away from battery-cage eggs.

Call IHOP headquarters right now at 1-866-444-5144 and ask it to at least meet its competitors’ commitments regarding battery-cage eggs.

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