CA AB 1437—Humanely Produced Eggs/Food Safety Assemblymember Jared Huffman


ASPCA Position:  Support

Action Needed:  Email and call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to request that he sign this important humane legislation into law.

In 2008, California citizens overwhelmingly voted in favor of Proposition 2, the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, which outlawed “battery cages” and mandated that California’s egg-laying hens be housed with enough room to stand up, turn around and spread their wings.

HenEncouraging further animal-welfare and food-safety reform in the spirit of Prop 2, Assembly Bill 1437 would require that all whole eggs sold in California come from farms that meet this same standard. Like Prop 2, this new law would go into effect in 2015. The bill has already passed both houses of the California Legislature by large margins with bipartisan support.

Governor Schwarzenegger must sign AB 1437 into law by mid-July. 

The World Health Organization and Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations Salmonella Risk Assessment agree that the use of battery cages to produce eggs results in an increase in human health risk. Egg-laying hens subjected to stress are more likely to have higher levels of pathogens in their intestines. These conditions increase the likelihood that consumers will be exposed to higher levels of food-borne pathogens, including salmonella.

What You Can Do

Please use the email form provided to contact Governor Schwarzenegger and request that he sign this important consumer protection and animal welfare bill into state law. Don’t forget to personalize your message in the box provided so it stands out!

You can help even further by calling the Governor’s Office today at (916) 445-2841 and expressing your support for AB 1437. Be sure to tell the person with whom you speak that you are a California resident and that the Governor’s approval of AB 1437 is important to you and your family.

Thank you for your help, California.

UPDATE – July 6, 2010

Great news! I received confirmation tonight that Governor Arnold
Schwarzenegger has signed A.B. 1437 into law.

The new law requires that shelled (whole) eggs sold in California
comply with the modest but important food safety and animal welfare
standards of Proposition 2. Passed in a 2008 landslide, Prop 2 phases
out production of eggs from hens crammed into cages.

I am so grateful to our California animal advocates. Thank you
for your many calls and emails to your state legislators and the governor,
and for spreading the word to your friends, family, and social
networks. Please read my latest blog on this exciting news:

And thank you again for all you do for animals.

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