Two Dogs Shot Multiple Times, Caught on Video

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Update 10/18/10
A November 12th judge’s decision has a trial date now pending in the criminal case against Christopher Comins – a trial is currently scheduled to begin on January 10, 2011. Locals are encouraged to support the prosecution and attend the court proceedings. (Always contact the Court to confirm court dates as they are subject to change.) Here is a news article on the hearings leading up to the recent decision.

Update 1/9/09
Two misdemeanor counts of animals cruelty against Christopher M. Comins have been upgraded to the felony level.

(Orange County, Fla.) Witnessed by several and videotaped by at least one, Christopher Comins shot two Siberian husky dogs who had come onto a property where Comins happened to be walking in May 2008. Reportedly claiming that the dogs were harassing a calf, Comins allegedly shot both of the dogs multiple times – continuing to shoot after the dogs were already wounded and down – while ignoring the pleas of their owner who was in close pursuit of them after their escape from his control. One of the dogs ultimately lost an eye, both are recovering from their injuries.

The shooter’s alleged repeated infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on these dogs calls for felony level charges to be brought by the State Attorney.

Watch the video and take action!

Locals may support the prosecution by attending court proceedings, and polite letters may be written to State Attorney Lamar, encouraging that the maximum penalty be sought upon conviction, with sentencing orders on each injured dog to be served consecutively.

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