Humane Agents Predict a Dangerous Season for Horses

Skyrocketing feed prices have humane agents across the country predicting an increased rate of horse neglect and abandonment. ALDF urges everyone to be especially aware of horses and other farm animals this season – animal neglect is a crime in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Here are three ways you can help:

  1. Connect with a local humane agency now and see what their reporting process is so that you know who to contact should you witness neglected animals. They will likely be able to supply you with information/brochures on how to recognize animal neglect.
  2. Contact law enforcement. It is crucial that the various law enforcement agencies work together toward meaningful resolutions, so be sure that all of them are informed of any situation you witness.
  3. File all reports via formal written complaint, clearly communicating dates and locations.

Large animal humane interventions present particular physical and economic challenges to local authorities. Where agencies are working with a limited budget and a small staff, polite persistence is often necessary. If you discover that your local authorities have a policy of refusing to intervene on behalf of suffering animals, please contact ALDF at [email protected] and we will work toward enabling earnest investigations.

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