fellow music, art, animal, and people lovers—Coachella kicks off festival
season this weekend! Are you feelin’ the love? 😉

love isn’t free for the millions of animals who suffer for the sake of fashion
every day. Show the world you’re about free love for ALL by rockin’ animal-free
fringes at this year’s fests—now that’s
true love. Really, who wants a leather bag when this Lola Vieta bag puts them all
to shame anyway? Yeah, buh-bye! While you’re at it, you should probably wander
over to Royale’s Festival-Worthy
Vegan Bags
 contest to win one for free (you’re welcome).

love, and animals!

(Cruelty-) Free Love

(Cruelty-) Free Love by OfficialPETA

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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