What Would Evil Ronald Say ... on Twitter?

Twitter imposters have used their skills to impersonate celebrities and make fun of companies, but what’s missing from the fold is an account that exposes the truth behind cruelty to animals. That’s why PETA is running a contest for our clever supporters to create “Evil Ronald” Twitter accounts.

What Would Evil Ronald Say ... on Twitter?Every day, McDonald’s sits idly by while its suppliers dump birds from their transport crates, hang them upside down on metal shackles, and cut their throats while they’re still conscious. Many of the birds are scalded to death, and they all suffer until their very last breath—not exactly what we’d call a “happy meal.” Even though a less cruel method of slaughter is available, McDonald’s continues to allow its suppliers to torture birds, so we have to wonder: What is Evil Ronald thinking?

Contest Details

Head on over to Twitter, create a new account (name it any variation of “Evil Ronald” that you want), and start posting your most creative tweets. Be sure to end each tweet with #EvilRonald so that we can keep track of everything!

You have until May 9 to unleash your wittiest Evil Ronald lines—the most original and clever and funniest account will be selected as the winner and streamed on McCruelty.com, and the account will be promoted via PETA’s own Facebook and Twitter accounts!


The number of followers you have or the number of tweets you’ve posted won’t earn you the prize*, so focus on creativity, humor, and McCruelty! Give it your best shot and let us know—what would Evil Ronald say?

*What exactly is the prize, anyway, you ask? GLORY! Glory and lots of tweets about how awesome you are.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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