“It’s really easy to make a
huge difference in your dog’s life,” explains Vartan. “I just try and
involve [Millie] as much as I can in my everyday activities.” Dogs need
regular walks—at least four a day for adult pooches. On walks, our canine
companions love to explore the neighborhood and take in all the different
smells. Vartan shares, “[W]hen I take [Millie] on a walk, I make sure she
gets to sniff as long as she wants. … I always remember this is her walk,
so I don’t pull on her and I don’t rush her. These things may seem small to us,
but to our dogs they mean the world.”

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behind-the-scenes interview with Michael Vartan and Millie!

are safest and most comfortable wearing a nylon harness, not a collar, when out
walking. Choke and prong collars can be painful and could injure your dog. For
a dog who pulls too hard, try the Easy Walk™ Harness (available online), which
discourages pulling without discomfort to the dog. Dogs also need social
interaction and can become depressed if they are deprived of it. Allow your
pooch pal to meet and interact with other dogs on walks and at parks. A happy
dog’s life is not one long series of commands: Let them live a little, make
choices, and take their time. Learn more about being a responsible dog parent
and making your furry friends happy in PETA’s guide to caring for dogs. 

What fun activities do you share with
your dog that makes him or her happy? Leave a comment below about your favorite
ways to spend time with your pooch.

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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