In honor of national Ice Cream Month, PETA is asking all ice
cream fans to cast their vote and help PETA decide what is the best vegan ice cream in
the U.S. Thanks to the availability of innovative vegan desserts and the
popularity of nondairy diets, restaurants across the nation are expanding their
menus to include cool, creamy, and delectable vegan ice cream and frozen

It was a tough job, but we’ve narrowed it down to seven
decadent frozen treats from restaurants across the nation. Now it’s time for
these cafés and diners to battle for bragging rights and the chance to win the
honor of having the best vegan ice cream.

Take a look at our finalists, and try not to drool on your

  • Green New American Vegetarian in Tempe, Arizona: Looking for a cool, tasty treat? Look no
    further than the original Soynami, a soy-based soft-serve concoction whipped
    together with the candies, cereals, and fruits of your choice. To vote for
    Green New American Vegetarian, text GREEN to 73822 or cast your vote online.
  • Karma Cream in Gainesville, Florida:
    Try an inspired version of an American favorite, strawberry shortcake. To make The
    Shortie, Karma Cream starts with shortcake, then adds organic strawberry, sweet
    cream, and vanilla ice creams, and finally finishes off the sundae with strawberry
    topping and vegan whipped cream. To vote for Karma Cream, text KARMA to 73822 or cast your vote online.
  • KindKreme in Los Angeles:
    If you’re a chocolate lover, you’ve got to try KindKreme’s Brownie Sundae.
    Take your pick of a raw or vegan brownie with two
    or three scoops of Icekreme, topped with raw chocolate or caramel syrup and one
    dry topping of your choice. To vote for KindKreme, text “Kind”
    to 73822 or cast your vote online
  • Lula’s Sweet Apothecary in New
    York: This traditional parlor offers iconic banana splits made with three
    scoops of creamy soft-serve, three sauces, and one topping, with whipped cream
    and a bright-red cherry on top. To vote for Lula’s Sweet Apothecary, text LULA to
    73822 or cast your vote online.
  • The Chicago Diner in Chicago: The perfect pairing to any diner meal
    is a milkshake! Options range from chocolaty to fruity, but our suggestion is
    the Cookie Dough and
    Peanut Butter milkshake made with organic Chicago Soydairy Temptation soft-serve. To vote for The Chicago
    Diner, text CHICAGO t
    o 73822 or cast your vote online.
  • The Skinny Dip in Hampton Roads, Virginia: This
    self-serve frozen yogurt shop offers one dairy-free selection daily, including creative
    flavors such as soy mocha, soy chocolate banana, soy apricot, and soy chocolate-chip
    mint. You can also add a variety of candies, nuts, and fresh fruits to your
    vegan fro-yo. To vote for The Skinny Dip, text SKINNY to 73822 or cast your vote online.

Text* your vote or complete the online voting form by July 13, 2011, to help PETA select the restaurant with the best
vegan ice cream. The winner and two runners-up
will be determined by consideration
of four factors with equal weight: public voting, and PETA staff’s evaluation of
each business’s
customer market, its promotional efforts in relation to this contest, and the
quality of its vegan ice cream offerings.

*By texting the specified
keyword, you will cast a vote for that candidate. By voting via text message,
you are agreeing to our texting terms and conditions. Standard message and data rates may apply. 

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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