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Whether it’s for brilliance, bravery, or breathtaking ability, these animals take home the prize.

  • What a mom. A sweet homeless dog deserves a parenting award for helping her puppies beat the heat.
  • Brainy parrots deserve a spot on the kindergarten honor roll—not in a cage.
  • Danny Ocean could get some pointers from these crafty crows.
  • Therapists would commend honeybees’ openness about their feelings.
  • But maybe dogs, with their uncanny ability to understand us, are really the best therapists.
  • Rescued feline Rusty snagged a catnip reward from PETA for saving his guardian’s life.
  • For best eyesight, it’s not bats or flies. Look no further than the jellyfish. (Too bad experimenters can’t see that they need to be left alone.)

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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