This sweet dog’s owners may have given her a familial name, but their treatment of her was anything but. Neglected and relegated to life at the end of a chain, the tiny Chihuahua mix suffered every day and night without shelter from whatever the weather threw at her. Her fur was painfully matted and she seemed desperate for a kind word or touch.

A neighbor, desperate to help the dog, called PETA for help. We got on the blower and reported this wanton neglect to the local humane society and law enforcement officials, who both paid visits to the house. The pressure worked, and her owners put up a sign advertising a free dog.  

Our complainant arranged for a friend to go by, and the owners handed the dog over without a second thought. Her sentence in chains was over. Our complainant’s friend insisted on picking up the tab for a good grooming for the dog and a much-needed visit to the vet. When she found out that the little dog was infected with heartworms, which would have been fatal, she knew she would foster the dog until treatment was complete. Now this little miss is reveling in the love of her foster mom and the cozy indoor life that she deserves and, who knows, foster homes have a way of becoming permanent ones.

No dog deserves a life on a chain. Please read PETA’s advice on how to help a chained dog in your neighborhood.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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