A driver in Alabama spotted Laura the
chicken and scooped her up off the road on a route frequently used by trucks
headed to the nearby slaughterhouse. Then, in an
attempt to find her a home, she unwisely posted an ad for a free chicken on
Craigslist. Laura could have ended up as chicken soup! Fortunately, a vegetarian
PETA supporter spotted the listing and offered to take in the bird until PETA
could find a permanent home for her. Now a chicken who was once bound for
slaughter is saving other chickens by convincing people to give up meat for good.
It happens whenever people get to know her.

Laura when she first arrived at her foster home

In her foster home, Laura played in the
yard, cooed while
getting a bath, cuddled with her foster parents, and got to feel grass under
her feet probably for the first time in her life. Laura’s foster mom’s mother
even became so attached to her that she
went vegetarian too!

Now, in her permanent home, Laura soaks
up the attention that she invariably attracts when her adopter takes her out on
walks around the neighborhood. Laura sticks close to her new family, especially
her adopter’s child, with whom she loves to nap.

If you’re ready to stop eating devoted, social, inquisitive
like Laura, try
PETA’s Pledge to Be
Vegan for 30 Days
. We think you’ll
be hooked! 

Written by Michelle

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Article source: PETA Files

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