Who says you can’t play with your food? YouTube sensation Miss Hannah Minx shows us how to create onigiri in the
shape of a cat! Onigiri, traditional Japanese rice balls, are similar to sushi
and are the perfect addition to any vegan bento, a single portion meal common
in the Japanese culture. In a special video for PETA, Hannah Minx demonstrates
how fun and easy it is to make a yummy vegan bento at home using ingredients
available at your local supermarket.

Miss Hannah Minx is an American vlogger known for her kawaii anime
look and proportions, her extensive cosplay in Japan, and her informational
videos about Japanese culture. Hannah’s videos often teach different Japanese
words and phrases and have gathered a loyal fan following.

Check out Hannah’s video below as she takes us
on a picnic with her kitty-shaped onigiri and find out what onigiri wa oishii means!

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you can enjoy delicious vegan food? Order your FREE vegan/vegetarian starter kit now!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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