What do
you get when you mix PETA, a company that tests on animals, and a roomful of eco-friendly
executives? A round of applause, which is what happened when an animal advocate
stood up during the Industry Water Award Ceremony in Stockholm and asked Nestlé
Chair Peter Brabeck-Letmathe when its tea brand, Nestea, will stop carrying out painful and deadly experiments
on animals

and switch to cruelty-free non-animal testing methods.

A few weeks ago, Nestlé USA CEO Brad
Alford got the same surprise inquisition at the Grocery Manufacturers
Association Conference in Colorado Springs.

Experimenters working for Nestea have
injected mice with toxic chemicals in order to give them diabetes, then
force-fed them tea ingredients before killing them. In another experiment, mice
were force-fed tea extracts and then had their leg muscles cut open before
being decapitated. In still another test, mice bred to suffer brain damage and
rapid aging were locked in dark chambers, and painful shocks were administered
to their sensitive feet before the mice were killed.

Not only are these tests not required by
law, the results also aren’t even
as proof of tea’s health benefits—the very reason that Nestlé
claims it conducts the experiments. You can give Nestlé executives a surprise
of your own by visiting PETA’s new website, NesteaCruelTEA.com and e-mailing AlfordCEO of Nestlé S.A. Paul Bulcke and to ask them to
call off the killing.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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