When we
told you earlier this week

how animals were being tormented and killed in crude experiments for Nestlé’s
tea brand, Nestea, some of you may have been surprised. Nestlé is furiously tweeting that its “#Nestea
product has never been tested on animals.”
But just like Nestlé’s tainted teas, you shouldn’t swallow its desperate
attempt to spin the ugly truth. Here’s why:

While Nestlé’s final tea products may not be tested on
animals, the ingredients of Nestlé’s tea products—including Nestea—have been
repeatedly tested on animals
, according to published studies. But don’t
take our word for it—you can watch as Nestlé’s own U.S. CEO admits it.
In these tests, mice and rats have been poisoned, electrically shocked, surgically mutilated, and

Nestlé claims that “[a]ll safety authorities rely on animal
testing as part of the dossier that industry has to provide to demonstrate that
foods are safe when there is no history of safe use” and that Nestlé’s tea
experiments on animals provide a basis for developing food with “novel
ingredients,” i.e., that its tests are conducted for safety purposes.
But not only has the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) written to PETA
stating that it’s “not
aware of any circumstances that would result in the FDA requiring a food or
beverage company to conduct laboratory experiments on animals,”
Nestlé also forced animals to ingest common tea ingredients (green tea
extracts, flavonoids, catechins, etc.) to determine their health properties,
not safety. In fact, none of Nestlé’s published tea studies on animals that
PETA identified involved tests for safety of the ingredients—meaning that Nestlé’s claim that animal testing on tea
is done to ensure safety is false

You can learn more and send a message to Nestlé that cruelty
to animals isn’t your cup of tea at NesteaCruelTea.com.


Written by Jeff Mackey

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Article source: PETA Files

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