There’s nothing
chic about mutilating sheep, and the Australian wool industry’s
efforts to make the sweater set appeal to the younger set via its Facebook page
have hit a snag. After PETA asked its supporters to post photos from our “We ♥ Sheep” album,
show the unlovely cruelty behind the wool industry’s “We ♥ Wool” page,
the page was shut down!

The wool industry is
notorious for mutilating millions of gentle lambs every year with “mulesing,
a crude and cruel attempt to prevent a maggot infestation known as “flystrike.”
Farmers cut huge chunks of flesh—not just skin—from lambs’ backsides, usually
with little or no pain relief. In agony, the mulesed lambs scuttle sideways
like crabs, and the deep wounds can take weeks to heal, often becoming infected
before they do.

You can help save sheep’s skin—and
get under the wool industry’s skin—by
shopping for cruelty-free clothing


by Heather Faraid Drennan

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Article source: PETA Files

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