Update: In just over 24 hours, the “Stop Animal
Homelessness at Its Roots” petition surpassed 5,000 signatures and became one
of the first petitions to reach the level necessary to be sent to the Obama
administration! Please keep asking everyone you know to sign this important
petition so that we can alert the White House to how strongly people feel about
the animal homelessness crisis.

this is huge. Starting today, we have a chance to show President Obama and our
government that the companion-animal
homelessness crisis
deserves national attention.

White House just launched a site on which citizens can post petitions, and any
petition that receives 5,000 signatures in 30 days will merit review by
administration officials. PETA has posted a petition asking that all animals
adopted from animal shelters and bought from pet stores, puppy mills, and breeders be spayed and neutered. Bob Barker will be signing it, and
he’s asking for your support.


is an opportunity to get the White House to pay attention to the fact that millions
of dogs and cats are abandoned on the streets or turned over to severely crowded
animal shelters each year.

such as Cloris Leachman,
Mickey Rourke,
and Metta World Peace (aka “Ron Artest”)
support spaying and neutering because it saves lives, and you can too. Please
sign PETA’s “Stop
Animal Homelessness at Its Roots” petition
now and forward it
to everyone you know. Get your family, your office, your old school pals, your
club, your gym—everyone!—to sign it pronto.

the petition site doesn’t work, please try back later. It looks like the site
has been having some issues this morning, and we’re hoping that it’s just because
so many of you have been signing the petition that the site is trying to catch

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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Article source: PETA Files

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