Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York CityThe plight of New York City’s carriage horses is well documented. Fortunately, the New York Legislature has two bills pending that would put an end to this exploitive industry in the Big Apple.

When passed, S.5013 and A.7748 will ban the use of horse-drawn carriages in New York City and require a humane disposition of “spent horses” to prevent their sale for slaughter. These bills have been languishing in the Cities Committee in both the Assembly and the Senate since May 2011. However, in light of the most recent coverage of this issue by the New York Times, there is renewed hope that these bills will get hearings and then voted out of committee.

Take Action!
Take a moment to speak out for horses! Send a message to Carle Heastie, Chair of Cities Committee in the Assembly, and Andrew Lanza, Chair of the Cities Committee in the Senate, by completing the form to the right. Urge them to give these bills a full hearing so that S.5013 and A.7748 can move to the floor for a full vote in the Senate and Assembly.

Carle Heastie

New York Assembly Cities Committee Chair

Andrew Lanza

New York Senate Cities Committee Chair

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2 thoughts on “Help Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in New York City

  1. “Well documented”? By whom?

    I have repeatedly asked the anti-carriage crowd for proof, as in actual facts, that the carriage horses are abused. The response? “They look sad.” Ask any of them about their horse knowledge – it is non-existent.

    The lies that are spread about these horses and their drivers would be laughable if the situation wasn’t so serious.

    I have also repeatedly asked the anti-carriage crowd for the names of the rescues where these horses will go and who will pay for their care. The response? “Don’t worry – we have it covered.” Um, riiiight. Horse rescues are over-flowing, there is a hay shortage in much of the country, let alone a land shortage for pasture, the wild horses are being rounded up, and horse slaughter is back on the table, and I’m not supposed to “worry” about it? Oh, and let’s not forget that NY-Class is in bed with PETA and PETA has come out in favor of horse slaughter. See Lifting horse slaughter ban: Why PETA says it’s a good idea:

    Oh, no, I’m not worried at all!

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  2. Who are you getting your info from? I am a ny jew who has been wrestling with the kosher?humane issue for quite some time. I am also a lifelong horseperson, now living with my horses and livestock in upstate NY. The carriage industry, with which I have had years of close contact, observation, and relationships with, is the absolute last industry you should be going after. Did your reporter do any fact checking at all? There was only one death of a carriage horse this year, and the shouts of “abuse” unfounded and libelous. I have seen these animal activists screaming at drivers with their babies in strollers closer to the car fumes than any horse could get. The shutdown of the Chalal slaughterhouse last year, which caused such stress and an inability for my Hassidic friends to get affordable meat, was long overdue. Besides the abuse of illegal workers, there is video of cows being dragged by one leg into a slippery cement room to trip down, crash, and then be slaughtered. Shame! I have read my Torah, and Kosher is not just about a rabbi saying a prayer at the end and taking $ to certify, its about how the animal was raised, and handled before slaughter. Fact is, I believe my “unkosher” meat lovingly raised and slaughtered painlessly on my own farm is far more kosher than what most Jews eat. And the NYC carriage drivers, who provide 5 weeks vacation, full dental and medical care far above and beyond the ASPCA requirements, and the average working age going to 30 for these animals is a testament to what so called “Jewish” care of all domestic animals should be. Before you support these lies, I will say what I say to EVERYONE who promotes this crap. Check your facts, and get you’re butt down to the carriage barns to see for yourself the “horrible stand in their own shit ” conditions AREN”T. Who the hell paid you to publish this without actual fact checking?

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