Do you sometimes get down in the dumps
about cruelty to animals? Me too. But to change that, we need to be gung-ho
go-getters, not teary-eyed tissue-wetters. And it has never been easier to
initiate changes for animals without even leaving home.

Getting active online takes just a few clicks
of the mouse, and since we already use social media almost every day, getting
animal rights messages out to hundreds—even thousands—of people is even easier.

See It? Share It!

one-click way to spread animal-friendly content on any social-networking site
is simply to “like” it, give it a “thumbs up,” click “rate
5 stars,” etc.

‘Like’ Animal Abuse?! Yes!

sometimes hesitate to “like” content that describes or illustrates cruelty,
such as an undercover investigative video showing circus trainers who beat elephants
But by “liking” it, we aren’t condoning the abuse—we’re suggesting
that others learn about it so that they will, hopefully, be prompted to act. It
seems natural to “dislike” such horrific images, but that can actually
discourage people from viewing important

Where to Share

easy way to help spread the anti-cruelty message is just to post it on your social-networking
pages. Post PETA
content on the following sites:


    And last, but not least: anywhere—we
    love it when people share our posts
    far and wide! 

    Please sign up for our e-news—it’s a great
    way to get new information to share with others.

    Are you gung-ho yet?
    Go get ’em!

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