Tell NYC Council Speaker to Vote for Cars, Not Carriages

There is an important piece of legislation currently before the New York City Council that, if passed, would phase out the use of cruel and outdated horse-drawn carriages in the city and allow electric, 1920s-era replica cars to gradually take their place. Intro 86A would give tourists an alternative old-world New York (think Great Gatsby glamour) way to see the city without sentencing horses to a lifetime of misery. If the electric cars prove successful with patrons, they would then become long-term replacements.

This proposal is a thoughtful, practical, and compassionate approach to modernizing the industry, while allowing drivers to remain employed and giving some reprieve to the horses who are forced to haul large loads of tourists on the hard cement all day. The cars are also eco-friendly and clean, and they would take the same route as the horses do now.

This is clearly a win-win solution for both horses and New York motorists. Horse-drawn carriages have caused several accidents in the past few months, with some horses collapsing from exhaustion in the middle of the street.

Please join other prominent New Yorkers—including Lea Michele, Kristen Johnston, and many others—who support an end to horse-drawn carriages in New York City by urging City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to support this initiative.


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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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