St. Louis drivers who stop to fill up their
tanks will get an eyeful of Washington
University in St. Louis’ cruelty to cats.
PETA has placed hard-hitting ads on top of the pumps at seven gas stations near
the campus to show the university’s students, faculty, and alumni that the
school uses cats like most of us use cars—as equipment.

Instead of using modern human-patient
simulators in the intubation training exercises it holds in conjunction with St. Louis Children’s Hospital,
are asked to repeatedly force hard plastic tubes down
cats’ and ferrets’ throats
causing their delicate windpipes to bleed, swell, and scar. Cats can even die
as a result of the injuries sustained during this traumatic procedure.

© Lukyanov

Drivers may pull into the gas stations
lamenting “pain at the pump,” but they’ll leave disgusted by the pain
that Washington University in St. Louis is inflicting on cats. And PETA added
more fuel to the fire with similar

in newspapers and online.

If the school wants
to truly honor its namesake, George Washington, who had nine companion animals at the White House, it should call off the cruel cat laboratory and
switch to the modern simulators already in use at nearly every other similar facility
in the country.

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Article source: PETA Files

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