They say everyone’s a bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. You
know—just like everyone’s a little gay during Pride Week.
Or is that just me? Whatever. The point is that even if you could never pass
for a resident of the Emerald Isle, March 17 is a great day to go vegan. After
all, why settle for the “wearin’ of the green” once a year when you
can eat your greens every day?

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Need more convincing? Here, in no particular order, are seven
lucky reasons why you should go vegan on St. Paddy’s Day: 

Green beer is OK,
but green veggies are even better.

  1. Green meat? Ewww!
  2. Speaking of
    green, meat isn’t.

    foods are the most eco-friendly—you’ll
    be so green that you won’t have to worry about getting pinched on St. Paddy’s,
    no matter what color you’re wearing.
  3. What’s more
    Irish than potatoes and cabbage?

    Put ’em together (with some leeks, soy milk, and seasonings) and you get colcannon—a
    dish so Irish it’ll make you name your daughters Faith and Begorrah.
  4. Even the Irish
    can’t live on colcannon alone.

    Happily, vegan foods are as varied as they are delicious—try bean
    burritos, sesame noodles, falafel, spinach lasagne, spicy coconut-pineapple
    curry, and roasted veggie pizza, just to name a few. Is it time for lunch yet?
  5. Ready to raise a

    Guinness Extra Stout is vegan (in North America, at
    ), and there are plenty of other vegan
    , ales, stouts, lagers, etc.—any one of which will be better for you
    than drinking fat-,
    cholesterol-, and sugar-laden milk
  6. If your health
    is a concern (as it should be), you won’t need the luck o’ the Irish to stay fit if you’re eating the
    vegan way.

    Folks who eat balanced vegan meals are generally leaner, live longer, and
    have a lower risk of heart disease, cancer, and strokes.
  7. Animals on factory farms suffer.
    crammed into crates, deprived of exercise and sunlight, pumped full of
    hormones, fed unnatural junk, and then violently slaughtered. By going vegan,
    you’ll give them cause for celebration too!

    Of course, whether or not it’s St. Patrick’s Day, the best
    time to go vegan is always the same—right now!

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    Article source: PETA Files

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