URGENT: Ontario Animal Protection Laws May Be Gutted!

A devastating bill will soon be considered by legislators
in Ontario, Canada. 

Mills MPP Jack MacLaren is reportedly introducing a bill that would drastically
weaken Ontario’s anti-cruelty laws by stripping the
Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) of its ability
to effectively investigate animal abuse.
the bill is passed, OSPCA officers would no longer be allowed to remove animals
from abusive situations or file charges for abuse or neglect (they would only
be able to take notes when conducting inspections!). OSPCA officers who suspect abuse would be able
to call a veterinarian to examine animals, but the suspected abuser would be
allowed to choose the vet! And even
if the vet deemed an animal to be in danger, the red tape imposed by this bill
would unnecessarily delay the animal’s rescue.


The bill is reportedly scheduled to be
introduced on Monday, March 19.

Please urge the Members of Provincial Parliament to oppose MPP
Jack MacLaren’s proposed bill! Type your message in the field below, and please
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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

One thought on “URGENT: Ontario Animal Protection Laws May Be Gutted

  1. As a Canadian citizen living in Ontario the idea that this bill is going to be considered is an outrage! When so many other countries are adopting stronger anti-animal-abuse laws, Canada seems to be going backwards! DO NOT strip OSPCA of any powers to investigate animal abuse! I support stronger laws against the criminals who abuse animals, not weaker laws.

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