After parents and residents expressed their concerns about a
donkey basketball event planned for Mona Shores High School in Michigan, PETA quickly contacted school
administrators with information about the cruelty of those “games.”

Jill Howard Church and PETA

To their credit as responsible educators, the superintendent
and principal decided to cancel the donkey basketball and replace it with a
humane alternative. So the students are getting a valuable lesson in
compassion—and they get to have guilt-free fun, too!

Klearchos Kapoutsis
|cc by 2.0

The change of events also helps protect students and other
attendees from possible harm. Donkeys, like other animals who are mistreated and
forced into loud, confusing environments, can become frightened and panic in
desperation to protect themselves. A participant in a Waterloo, Illinois,
donkey basketball game was awarded more than $110,000 after sustaining injuries
in the game, while on another occasion, a Wisconsin state senator fell off a
donkey and broke her leg.

The takeaways from this story?

  1. Donkeys aren’t ballers.
  2. Animal abuse can put people at risk, too.
  3. Never
    be silent
    about animal neglect or abuse.
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Article source: PETA Files

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