This Sunday marks the 42nd anniversary
of Earth Day. To celebrate, PETA presents the top 10 surprising ways that helping save the
planet saves animals, too:

10) Reduce
companion animal overpopulation.

Most of the
puppies that pet stores sell are trucked or flown hundreds of miles from puppy mills, creating a Great Dane–sized carbon pawprint. But animal shelters in every city
are full of locally grown companion animals you can tuck into your Smart car before
taking the short drive home.

9)   Sea yourself away from water pollution.

SeaWorld isn’t
just hard on orcas—it’s also hard on
the environment. The marine park was in a fine mess after it got hit with a
fine for messing up San Diego’s Mission Bay after violating effluent limitations numerous times.

8)   Make
like Miss Piggy and love a frog.

|cc by 2.0

Ecosystems are
being decimated by biological supply houses that catch huge numbers of frogs to
be dissected. If you’re a student or parent, urge your local school district to
switch to a virtual dissection
program instead. 

7)   Talk
about the elephant in the room.

Ringling logs
more than 25,000 miles
every year dragging animals across the country chained in boxcars and trucks. Don’t give
the “cruelest show on Earth” your green until it goes green and
retires its animals to sanctuaries.

6)   Make
the skies friendlier.

Primates are torn
away from their jungle homes and flown to the U.S. from as far away as China,
Cambodia, and Indonesia to be used in experiments. Ask the few airlines that still transport primates to laboratories to stop—for animals and the

5)   Be
green, not mean.

We know that only
mean people wear fur, and only ungreen
people wear the toxic soup of chemicals that it takes to keep the fur from
rotting off their backs—chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide, and chromates.

4)   Be
good to your body: Be good to a bunny.

There are so
many luscious body-care product lines out now that are made without harsh
chemicals and without harsh animal tests that it’s easier than ever to be a
green goddess. Check out PETA’s shopping guide for a list of cruelty-free companies

3)   Lime
sludge and sulfides are not sexy.

wwarby|cc by 2.0

Neither are the
other chemicals you’ll
find en masse at leather tanneries, such as formaldehyde, coal-tar derivatives, and cyanide-based finishes. Wearing
dried-up animal skin is all dried up.

2)   Take
a shower. Please.

Meat production requires so much water that you save more water by not eating one 16-ounce steak than you do by not showering for six months.
So by going vegan, you can help save the Earth and keep it a pleasant-smelling

1)   Pop
open a cold one.

Dinner Series
|cc by 2.0

Now that you’ve
saved the Earth and animals, relax with a beer. If you recall PETA’s notorious “Got Beer?” campaign,
you know this beverage choice won’t contribute to the massive climate change, exploitation of
resources, and water and air pollution that the dairy industry is responsible for.

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Article source: PETA Files

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