Thanks to a brave whistleblower, PETA has obtained horrific
undercover video of live animals whose limbs were cut off for an archaic military
training drill. The course was held earlier this year in Virginia Beach, Virginia, by private
contractor Tier 1 Group. 

In the shocking video, instructors repeatedly crack and cut
off the limbs of live goats with tree trimmers, stab the animals with scalpels
to cause internal injuries, and cut into their abdomens to crudely pull out
their organs. Some of the goats moan loudly and kick their legs during the
mutilations, which veterinarians who viewed the video say are signs that the
goats were not adequately anesthetized and may have even been feeling pain.

The disturbing video footage shows a callous course
instructor who cheerfully whistles while dismembering goats as well as members
of the Coast Guard who joke about writing a song about mutilating the animals.

According to the whistleblower, later in the day the goats
were shot in the face with pistols and were hacked apart with an ax while still

Today, there are high-tech humanlike simulators available specifically for military training that can breathe, bleed, cry,
talk, and respond to medications. These human-based
methods are obviously more humane and effective than cutting apart, blowing up,
shooting, and killing thousands of animals every year. One shockingly realistic
simulator is a special suit designed to be worn by a human actor that enables military
personnel to safely perform emergency surgical procedures on a live human
without any injury to the person.

Last year, PETA helped end an Army course that involved poisoning monkeys with chemicals, and we’ve
saved ferrets and cats from other cruel
military training courses by convincing military officials to switch to modern

The evidence of the superiority of these state-of-the-art
simulation methods is so overwhelming that Congress has introduced legislation to phase out the use of
animals in military training in favor of non-animal methods.

We Need All Hands on

Military medical experts, veterans, and civilian physicians
are joining PETA in urging
U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta
and other military
officials to immediately end the use of animals in military trauma training
exercises. And we need your help, too! 

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Article source: PETA Files

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