the first few years of her life, Pippy the Vietnamese potbellied pig was as
happy as … well, a pig in mud. She had a home with an older couple and the run
of a large yard and was well cared for.

as her guardians’ health began to decline, so did their care for Pippy, and
soon she was spending her days confined to a screened porch with no access to
the grass that she loved to roll and play in. Her hooves and teeth were overgrown,
making it hard for her to walk and eat, and she wasn’t getting the
companionship that she craved.

A friend
of a PETA employee who lived in the area noticed that Pippy never left the
porch and seemed despondent. She let PETA know, and when one of our Community Animal Project staffers visited Pippy’s guardians, the couple said that they had been looking
for a better home for the pig and were happy to have our help.

wonderful member with a farm in nearby Suffolk, Virginia, gladly took in sweet Pippy,
who fit right in with the farm’s other rescued pigs, Sherlock and Barb. Pippy loves her new companions and her new home, where she has room
to explore, plenty of mud puddles, and all the delicious oranges that she can

Pippy and Sherlock’s daily adventures will inspire a great novel … or at least
inspire some folks to stop
eating pigs

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Article source: PETA Files

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