veteran Bob Barker was appalled at what he
saw in undercover video
of U.S. Coast Guard trauma training leaked to PETA. In the
video, live goats are stabbed, have their internal organs pulled out, and have
their limbs cut off with tree trimmers. The goats moan loudly and kick while
they are being mutilated, a sign that they were not sufficiently anesthetized,
while an instructor cheerfully whistles and a soldier jokes about writing songs
about mutilating the animals.

a proud vet, Bob wants members of the armed forces to have the best possible
training—and that means replacing archaic and cruel animal exercises  with superior lifelike human simulators that can bleed,
breathe, have their bones broken, and even “die.” The simulators are
already in use at many military facilities, and military regulations even require that non-animal methods be used
when available. But the policy isn’t being enforced.

wrote to Secretary of
Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
on PETA’s behalf to
urge them to improve military trauma training by mandating that all programs use only advanced human

My own
experience in the Navy left me with a strong belief that the brave Marines,
sailors, Air Force members, and soldiers who risk their lives to protect our
country deserve the best possible medical care, so this is not an issue that I
approach lightly. It is clear from this video that dismembering and then trying
to mend live goats in these crude procedures is worlds apart from treating an
injured human on the battlefield. . . . I hope you will give this issue serious
consideration and take steps to replace the armed forces’ use of animals for
trauma training with 21st century simulation technology.

What You Can Do

Bob in asking Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security
officials to comply with federal regulations and replace all use of animals
with human simulators.

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Article source: PETA Files

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