A recent
article on CNN’s website
helps explain why many animal advocates—PETA included—support policies
requiring in-depth assessment before placing companion animals into new homes:
By screening properly, rescue workers and animal shelters can help make sure
that animals who have often survived cruelty, neglect, or abandonment will find
safe homes in which they will be treated with love and respect for the rest of
their lives.

As a result of carelessness or negligence, adopted animals have
been killed, horribly tortured, fed to snakes, and sexually abused, among other things. And in response to pressure from “no-kill” supporters, there has been a push to increase adoption numbers and manipulate euthanasia
statistics, causing children and others to be harmed and killed by adopted animals,  which is a tragedy for families as well as for
adopted animals and serves only to frighten people away from adopting vulnerable
animals from shelters.

Animals deserve to be treated like individuals, not
discounted merchandise, yet more and more animal shelters are resorting to a
variety of ill-advised tactics in order to increase adoptions, including free or grossly discounted
adoptions, black cat giveaways during Halloween, buy-one-get-one-free kitten promotions,
and other nonsense meant to make for more appealing adoption statistics—without
really checking where (or with
) the animals end up. These irresponsible “bargain adopt-a-thons” send
the message that animals’ lives are worth little to nothing—the very mindset that
causes millions of animals to be relinquished to animal shelters in the first

If you or someone you know can no longer care for an animal
companion, never advertise the animal
on Craigslist or in a “Free to a Good Home” ad, and never adopt out an animal who
has not been spayed or neutered. Follow our other tips here to seek out a permanent home for your animal friend. A reasonable fee, an
application, a contract, and a home visit are essential to ensuring that animals
are placed in truly forever homes—after all, anyone not interested in being
part of the process to adopt an animal can hardly be expected to spend the
time, money, and energy needed to care for an animal for his or her entire life.

Want to help? Become an ABC (Animal Birth Control) volunteer today to help reduce the number of unwanted animals who need to be adopted in
the first place!

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Article source: PETA Files

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