Pop the corks on those champagne bottles test tubes! After
more than five years of discussions among PETA, the Intel Corporation, and the Society
for Science the Public (SSP)
concerning cruel and deadly experiments on
animals conducted by high school students participating in the Intel International Science and
Engineering Fair [http://www.societyforscience.org/isef/] (ISEF), the world’s largest pre-collegiate science competition, the event has implemented
a new policy banning experiments in which any animals die or are intentionally

This is great news since it’s estimated that in 2011 alone,
thousands of vertebrate animals likely died in experiments conducted by
students who were competing in regional science fairs around the world in the hope
of making it to the ISEF finals. Seven million high school students participate
in these fairs each year.  

Groundwork Leads to
Groundbreaking Victory

For years, high school students competing in ISEF-affiliated
science fairs around the world have conducted and participated in invasive and
deadly experiments on animals, such as addicting animals to cocaine, inflicting
brain injuries on them, injecting them with toxic chemicals, and inducing
strokes in animals and then cutting them open. To stop these cruel experiments,
PETA has been working with Intel and SSP since 2007 with considerable success. Prior
to the new ban on deadly experiments, SSP (which organizes ISEF)—after
discussions with PETA and Intel (which sponsors ISEF)—adopted a formal
statement in 2010 in favor of modern alternatives to animal experiments

How to Help Animals
in School Laboratories

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dissection and other lab-based cruelty out of your school’s curriculum, get all
the details at peta2.com.

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Article source: PETA Files

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