Because of the Ringling Bros. circus’
shenanigans, Atlanta may lose its animal control services! No strays picked up,
no calls about injured animals answered. How? Last year, Fulton County passed
an important animal control law that banned the use of bullhooks—sharp metal
tools used by circuses to goad and prod elephants. As Atlanta has incorporated
Fulton County’s animal control laws into its own, the ban legally applies in
the city. But Ringling is trying to convince Atlanta not to abide by this law. If
Atlanta does not agree to allow the ban on bullhooks to be enforced, the city risks losing its animal control
services altogether

The use of bullhooks to abuse elephants
in circuses is routine. An undercover investigation
 of Ringling revealed that elephants are struck
repeatedly with them in order to intimidate the elephants and remind them that
they must do as they’re told or suffer the painful consequences. A longtime
elephant trainer with the Carson Barnes Circus was caught
on video viciously attacking elephants
with a bullhook and instructing
others to sink bullhooks into elephants’ flesh and twist it until they screamed
in pain.

If Atlanta opposes enforcement of
the ban on bullhooks, the city’s whole range of animal control services may be
suspended—no injured dogs picked up, no responses to dog attacks, no rabies
vaccination enforcement, nothing. Please don’t let this happen. The mayor must
sign an enforcement agreement with the county without further delay.

Please contact Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and urge him to enforce
the bullhook ban in Atlanta and ensure that the city keeps its animal control
services. Please be sure to note if you are an Atlanta resident. 
We encourage you to use your own words, but feel free to use this sample letter.

Please send polite comments to:

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed
[email protected]

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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