Last month, a truck hauling more than 30 cows to a
slaughterhouse crashed on a
Kansas City highway
, skidding down an embankment onto the street below. Some of the cows were killed
in the accident, while other animals wandered away with broken limbs and other
injuries before finally being caught and euthanized. To ensure that no one
forgets the suffering that animals endure for meat, PETA has asked Kansas
officials for permission to place a memorial marker near the crash site:

This sign would not only caution those responsible for transporting animals of the need to treat them as vulnerable passengers but also remind travelers
that thousands of living, feeling beings have their throats cut and are hacked
apart each day so that people can enjoy a fleeting taste of their flesh.

© Anonymous for
Animal Rights, Israel

course, we can each memorialize the loss of these animals by choosing humane and
life-affirming vegan foods
, instead.

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Article source: PETA Files

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