Anyone who’s heard her recent hit “Monster” (possibly NSFW, depending on where you work) knows that music sensation Meg Myers isn’t afraid to be passionate and outspoken. As she prepares to play her first L.A. concert, Meg speaks out in a new video for PETA about one of her passions—her adorable
rat companions—and urges people not to use cruel glue traps:


Extreme Prejudice

Rats are smart, clean animals who can be playful and affectionate companions, as Meg describes. Not
everyone welcomes rodents into their homes, though, and irrational bigotry causes
many people to resort to cruel and deadly methods when rats are spotted—the
worst of which are glue

Glue traps contain a sticky adhesive designed to capture any
small animal who wanders across them, ripping patches of skin, fur, and feathers
off their bodies as they struggle to escape. Many animals chew off their own
legs trying to free themselves, while some get their noses and mouths or beaks
stuck in the glue and slowly suffocate. Glue-trap manufacturers generally
direct consumers to throw animals away along with the trap, leaving animals to
suffer for days until they finally die of starvation or dehydration.

Put Rats On Your
‘Friend’ List

If you’re ready
to welcome a rat into your life, like Meg, be sure to adopt from an animal shelter or a rescue organization,
instead of buying one from
a pet store.

If rats show up uninvited, though, don’t panic—just get (or
make) a humane live trap and relocate your surprise guests, being sure to find and patch any openings
that allow them access to your home. And if you spot glue traps on a store
shelf, please urge the manager to carry live traps instead.

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Article source: PETA Files

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