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There’s one thing that both Team
Twilight and Team Hunger Games can agree on: Everyone should be on Team Tilly

rats smarter than your search engine?
The answer may make you want to Google the “Hidden Lives of Rats.” 

New Jersey is serious about protecting animals in vehicles. Drivers who let their Benjis ride without a seatbelt could find themselves shelling
out a few Benjis.

Blood, flesh, veins, muscles, tendons,
cow secretions, hen periods, and bee vomit? Bon appétit

New Action Alerts

Sarasota County, Fla., officials
postponed their decision on feral hog hunting—in which dogs are allowed to
chase and maul feral hogs—in order to consider other wildlife control options. Send the county your thanks and ask it to choose humane methods.

Urban Decay is
letting its values decay—urge
the company to halt its new animal tests
and remain

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