These sexy veggie-loving celebs have captured the hearts of many with their comedic charm and compassionate choices. Russell, a vegetarian since the age of 14, keeps us endlessly entertained with his wit and crazy antics, which always leave us wanting more. He explains, “You shouldn’t eat animals, it’s mean to them.” Kristen makes us laugh until we cry in whatever she does—whether she’s lighting up the big screen in films like Bridesmaids or cracking us up with her unique characters on Saturday Night Live. Her jam-packed schedule is often crazy, so Kristen stays healthy by eating lots of tofu and soy. But both of these hilarious hotties know that there’s nothing funny about the abuse endured by animals raised for food on factory farms. These sexy stars prove that being vegetarian helps a person shine from the inside out.

Fads are a dime a dozen among red-carpet regulars, but there’s one Tinseltown trend that won’t be fading away anytime soon: going vegetarian! Whether they chose to go vegetarian to improve their health, help end climate change, or avoid contributing to the inexcusable cruelty to animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, one thing’s for sure: All the vegetarian celebrities have won our hearts.

So what about you? Be as sexy as our winners and do something good for animals, the environment, and your health by pledging to try a plant-based diet for 30 days. After you sign the pledge here, we’ll send you an e-mail with our top tips on the best places to eat out, our favorite recipes, the tastiest animal-friendly snacks, and the most delicious prepackaged meatless meals to help you adopt a healthy and humane vegetarian or vegan diet!

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Article source: PETA Action Alerts

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